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Happy Birthday Minorin!!! November 18, 2007

Posted by Prim`s in Berita.


what can I say?

the title already says everything….

hmmm, let’s pray for her succes in the future -career, marriage, life, anything-, hope she can be as succesfull as any other famous J-Pop singer out there and bring us more of her songs ^^

and by the way, she held her Birthday Live today, hope I can be there to see it >.< it must be fabulous (is it the right term? fabulous? hmm), AND she give every single one of 400+ attendee a hand-written thank you note, and yes, she wrote it herself because it slightly different each other. Oh how i love you minorin ❤

here’s the pic of the note :

From Minorin with Love

credit goes to seiyuu3 for the pic and info ^^



1. nFath - November 23, 2007

pertamaaaaaaax… hehehhehe akhirnya.. bisa juga

ebaidewei minorin itu siapa ? otanjobou omedetou sajah deh… ^^


2. fumowing - Januari 2, 2008

minorin sama, aka chiaki sama aka, nagato sama :p
sayang g telat tau :p

3. shinobigatakutmati - Januari 9, 2008

kyaa…… omedeto!! sip lah ya ^

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